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‌ PSYCH-K can change long-standing, limiting beliefs in a matter of minutes. ‌
― Bruce H. Lipton, The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles

PSYCH-K balances create a balanced communication with both hemispheres of the brain, which reduces any resistance to creating change.

Program 1 – Single Session with Natalie

Program 2 – Reprogram Subconscious Beliefs with Ten Affirmations

Program 3 – Special Four Session Package Sorry Currently Unavailable

Program 4 – Spiritual Development Four Session Package Sorry Currently Unavailable

Program 5 – Core Belief Balance

Working with Natalie

Please browse the above programs which are currently being offered by Natalie to decide which suits your needs. If you are uncertain as to what to expect from a session with Natalie please continue reading.

With Natalie’s extensive spiritual wisdom, understanding of spiritual growth, ascension and self-mastery she is well equipped to work with you to explore and develop your spiritual  and physical experiences upon the Earth. She wishes to guide you to explore the beliefs, blockages and limitations which are holding you back from achieving your highest potential as a spiritual being having a human experience. Through PSYCH-K Balances Natalie will help you recognise yourself with greater clarity and understanding as a divine sacred being with an abundance of love, wisdom and spiritual abilities to share with the world. It is time for you to claim your bliss now, setting yourself free to live as your truth and essence.

Most of Natalie’s sessions are conducted online through Skype so that you can both see each other and communicate easily. An average session is 1 hour 30 mins.

Natalie will begin by asking you to share your intentions for the session and any areas you wish to focus upon. It is not essential for you to know what the problems is to change it, nor do you need to share with Natalie lots of information about your issue or desired outcome. Once a clear focus is gained, together with Natalie you will create affirmations which will be used to send a direct message to your subconscious mind of your desired outcome.

By using muscle testing to communicate directly with your superconscious and subconscious mind both you and Natalie will be guided to the appropriate balance which will create the shift, transformation or change required. If your session with Natalie is achieved through Skype Natalie will use Surrogation to communicate on your behalf with your subconscious and superconscious to guide you to experience the necessary balances yourself. If your session with Natalie is in person, then Natalie will muscle test with you, often using your arm, to communicate with your subconscious and superconscious minds.

Natalie will use permission protocols to create a safe and effective environment for your change. Permission from your superconscious is asked every step of the way so that you know that your transformation is guided and appropriate for you now.

Your subconscious mind will choose the most appropriate PSYCH-K balance for you from a variety of balance methods, allowing Natalie to guide you through the balance (subconscious shift) at your own speed. A balance normally takes just a few minutes from start to finish. It is a painless, effortless and easy process. Sometimes numerous balances are required, while other times one balance is all that is needed. It is often that your subconscious and super consciousness will guide us through your entire session creating the necessary shifts in the allocated time. Numerous balances as well as different types of balances may be experienced by you throughout your session.

Depending on your focus, sometimes one session is all that is needed, while in different cases four or five sessions may be required.

Summary of a Balance

  • First you share with Natalie what belief you want to have or what you want to experience in your life
  • With muscle testing your subconscious will communicate to you and Natalie
  • We will test to find out if it’s safe and appropriate to achieve the balance
  • We will allow your subconscious mind to guide us to the most appropriate balance to instigate change
  • Using the appropriate balance, your mind becomes whole brained around the new belief
  • The change is locked in and confirmed to your conscious mind that your subconscious mind has accepted the new belief

PSYCH-K Balances You May Experience in Your Session Working with Natalie

The most common are the New Direction and Resolution Balances, they are simple and effective balances that only take a few minutes in order for you to experience a shift. Both balances create a balanced communication with both hemispheres of your brain, reducing your resistance to change. They create a whole brain state which supports the reprogramming of your subconscious mind with new beliefs that aid you in living the reality you desire. Using these balances, you will work with specific belief statements personal to you and the change you wish to experience or to release stress, emotions, trauma, phobias which may be limiting and blocking you.

Twelve points on your body similar to acupressure points will be used to discover key beliefs and essential information regarding the subconscious limiting belief you may be holding, as well as providing new positive beliefs to empower you. The use of these points will be combined with Energy Focusing, to create the necessary subconscious shift in matter of seconds. This balance is known as Belief Points with Energy Focusing

The trauma of birth and the fear of death are two powerful aspects of human life therefore the Life Bonding Balance can be used to re-program any negative experiences, beliefs or resistance in this area. By directing the breath back and forth between two power points in the body, you can release stress associated with these experiences and free yourself to experience the fullness and joy of life.

We all have core beliefs which influence our everyday reality without us realising. Such statements as ‘I can’t,’ or ‘I hate myself,’ seem natural to most people and are said without thought. These beliefs can cause the most disharmony, chaos and challenges in everyday life because we build our life from these negative beliefs. The Core Belief Balance aligns 13 Core Beliefs that support the manifestation of your full potential in life. It is a profound balance which can take anything from 30 mins or longer. The balance reveals to you why you are manifesting your current experiences. Once an understanding has been established the 13 core beliefs are balanced and transformed into positive core beliefs which fuel and support the life you wish to experience. This balance only needs to be experienced once as its effects are lasting.

Messages can be received especially when working with health related conditions, illness, disease, allergies, patterns in your life or trauma etc. The balance consists of communicating with your Superconsious/Higher Self to receive the message behind the condition. Accessing the message that your superconscious wishes you to grasp from the presence of the condition can allow you to safely learn the lesson and begin to release the condition.

If you are experiencing challenges in your relationship with yourself or others the Relationship Balance can be used to deepen your understanding, identify and transform challenges. This balance is most ideally achieved when your session is face to face with Natalie rather than on Skype.

Disclaimer: The PSYCH-K® process is strictly limited to the modification of beliefs. The PSYCH-K® process is not designed to diagnose medical problems, nor is it a replacement for medical attention or professional mental health care.