‌ Testimonials For Natalie Glasson ‌

“Natalie Glasson is one of the most gifted channels of our time. The purity and clarity of her focus and intention is deeply fulfilling.
The insights that I have gained working with Natalie over the years have been immense. Natalie’s guidance has helped me develop a strong sense of knowing and comfort with my inner being . Open your heart and mind and allow Natalie to guide you to create personal affirmations that will transform your life from the inside out”.


“Natalie’s Open Sincere Unconditionally Loving and Supportive Nature combined with PSYCH-K provides Life Changing results that positively clear and transform your energy being and reality.
ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. PSYCH-K and Natalie can make your Dreams a Reality.”


Dear Natalie

First of all i want to thank you for your support in helping me to take a journey through  my life that i have never been very willing to do before now .

Even though it was a brief look through different windows it was very telling and revealing to me where healing was required , sometimes revealing deep unconscious hidden truths that could be very painfull .So a deep feeling of thanks and gratitude to you Natalie for your support as we progressed through 5 PSYCH-K sessions and the fact that i felt trust in the process was a real plus for me.

I will try to summerise what i feel about PSYCH-K and what it has done for me , though it is not easy to put ones finger on how something so simple can be so effective as I am used to change happening through great effort and while great effort has its merits , it is  conditioning that makes me believe that a healing can not happen with the greatest of ease .Something helped me suspend that belief while working with this method . It is as if i had skipped through these loops instead of boring through a dense hole to get to somewhere else. I am not sure where that somewhere else is yet , but i will say that it feels lighter , much lighter.

The first thing that was demanded of me was honesty with myself so that was not necessary easy and the second thing is the sense of detachment that is required to look closely at ones issues without judgement . That in itself is very liberating and helped the whole process to move smoothly and spontaniously . I noticed there was a natural flow as that which needed healing came to the surface without effort and thats what helped my trust. And though the shift could be very subtle i could clearly feel a shift in that my body would feel more relaxed and sometimes a sense of peace after a release of an old program .It truly is a form of deprogramming from old conditioning without having to indulge in the process or the cause .

My attention was also brought to the fact that the night before the PSYCH-K session i usually had a dream or two that brought my accute attention to what was needing to be healed for that session .That was a tremendous help to me that the subconscious mind was throwing into the light that which i was ready to deal with. Dreaming has always been my way of meeting the unconscious and finding understanding or at least a sense of appreciation for what the logical mind can’t deal with , and my dreams are usually very revealing either in a humorous or sometimes embarrassing way.

I also noticed the patterns throughout my life that had repeated over and over in relationships which i have felt powerless to break or was to some degree unconscious of.They are patterns that have shaped my life and the PSYCH-K sessions helped me identify them more clearly and to release them and break their spell.While i know there is always more to deal with i feel some very fundamental patterns were shifted. To have the freedom to create a reality that is free from these  old patterns of hurt and sadness will indeed be a welcome blessing, while at the same time appreciating the richness of those experiences. There is a sense of acceptance  that helps me to honour all experiences.It makes me think of the tree that flexes and bends to all kinds of winds and conditions and in there lies its beauty.

I will say at this stage my body is having some catching up to do , and i have felt aches and pains in my bones and somewhat slowed down dealing with what i would say is a deep clearing and cleansing in my body . That is why only now have i been able to bring my mind to focus and write this summary of my experience of our PSYCH-K sessions

There is something really wonderful about breaking out of an old shell and sensing a new horizon that is beckoning and i have come to the understanding that forgiving oneself for all that i have put myself through is truly an empowering experience because forgiveness to another naturally follows , it is a given .So much of my life story was uncovered and revealed in fast forward clips that allowed me to observe  from a distance without indulging which supported the letting go process.That is what i really appreciated about this method of healing.